Good personal relationships and ensuring there’s a good fit is my top priority with any new collaboration. As such, I’d love to introduce myself first so you can judge whether I might be the right person to help you out.

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Business Values


Only together can we really achieve something. Working together with others is at the core of my ways of working. Whether it’s asking your experts for input, collectively brainstorming ideas, or explaining to stakeholders at all levels why something is necessary.

Flexible Learner

There almost nothing I enjoy more than learning something new. Even more exciting if it means we find our solutions in unexpected places. I’m flexible, move along, and don’t set rigid structures. If you can plan in detail it means you already know where to go, I thrive in situations where we don’t yet know where to go and how to get there.

Energetic & Smiling Do-er

I try to live by the Dutch saying “Een dag niet gelachen is een dag niet geleefd” (a day without a smile, is a not lived). Combine that with “Let’s just get going” and you get my energetic approach to getting things done. Yes, thinking things through is important, but once we know what needs to be done, let’s just go do it.

We’re all People

So we should all respect one another, no matter your position in the company or where you come from.

For me, that also translates in being able to easily communicate across “levels”, whether it’s the C-suite, or those on the floor executing, I enjoy working with all and easily switch ‘languages’ where necessary.


Main Professional Interest Areas

donuts with different icings

Complex Problem Solving

If everything seems tangled up, you’ve lost overview of what’s going on, and it’s just not clear what’s happening, that’s where I thrive. Making complex problems simpler, untangling the different aspects, sorting through data, talking to various experts and ultimately bringing it all together. I’m strong in documenting our steps and in keeping both the helicopter and in-depth view. I keep track of all the different routes we’re exploring and making sure we don’t lose the overview.

I especially thrive when these problems have a root in (food) science and bring together different aspects such as recipe, processes, consumer needs, etc.

Continuous Development of People

The world around us changes continuously and we all need to keep track. Technical expertise is sometimes forgotten about or so unique in a company/team that it’s hard to translate it. I have ample experience in training others on technical topics and explaining how and why processes work the way they do. Making something seemingly complex sound easy and accessible, adjusting it to the audience is a strength of mine.

Aside from direct technical training, truly understanding what people need and want to thrive in their careers is a passion of mine. Letting people grow, giving them the freedom (and responsibility) to explore give me energy. Over the years I’ve managed a team of employees and before that mentored countless interns.

Enabling others to shine and thrive.

Material Science

The interaction of ingredients and processes and their impact on food product characteristics is a strength of mine. Combining both (recent) scientific insights as well as internal legacy knowledge to solve a problem. I don’t specialize in a specific type of food. Using a science-led approach, through well-designed tests, trials and hypotheses I aim to solve these problems.

Product Sustainability

Making sustainable products is challenging, mostly because it is so hard to define what sustainable actually is. Supply chains are complex and a lot of factors come into play. Are you aiming to reduce carbon emissions, or is water consumption your main concern? I have experience investigating the impacts of different ingredients and products.

I also believe this is the only pathway forward. We need to become more sustainable, whether it’s in how we use ingredients, the amount of trash we generate, or the energy we consume. Contributing to this space is crucial.


Main Technical Expertise Areas

cherries on tree

Professional Experience

Small – Large Companies

I’ve worked in companies with <10 employees and as well as for a global multinational.

Specialized & Broad

I have gained experience in both specialized science research as well as more general R&D consultancy.

Asking Questions

I’m not afraid to ask questions and challenge the status quo. My pet peeve? Hearing “because we’ve always done it that way”. That only makes me more adamant to find another way.


I enjoy and have experience working in a diverse team, with a wide range of backgrounds. Together we’re stronger. I surely don’t believe I have all the answers myself.

Stakeholder Management

It’s easy to forget, but so often the secret to success is communication! I have experience communicating with various groups of stakeholders (e.g. upper management, technical experts, pilot plant operators).

Hi, I’m Annelie

Owner & Founder of FoodCrumbles.com

I’m the owner and founder of FoodCrumbles.com, a website dedicated to making food science accessible for all. Also, I have extensive experience working in research and development (R&D) within the food industry. Over time I noticed how technical resources can be quite limited for small to medium-sized businesses. You might be too small to in-source these capabilities and external resources can be prohibitively expensive. It’s where I love to help!
There’s nothing that excites me more than learning something new and helping others out.