Are you a Food Business in Need of R&D support? We’re here to help!

Need help developing or scaling a product?
Want to solve a tricky technical problem?
Need help training your team?

Then I might be able to help!

You might not have the time or resources to hire a full-time food scientist. Or, you might have a specific one-off challenge with your food production that your team just doesn’t have the time and resources for.

I might be able to fill that gap. Whether it’s 4 hours of work or 4 months of work. Let’s see how I can help.

About Me


I’m Annelie, the owner of I love Food + Science and have ample experience in R&D in the food industry.

Our Services

Food R&D Expert

I offer a range of services ranging from technical problem solving, to helping to train your technical staff or interim management of teams.

Our Passion

Food Science Enthusiast

Want to see some evidence of our passion? Head on over to our Food Science Blog where we have written extensively about the science of food.

How I can help you

Technical Food R&D Support

I can use my passion for people, food, and science to help you solve problems and improve your food production. I have a passion for complex, challenging problems. I thrive on simplifying them, explaining them to others and working together to find solutions.

My expertise lies in product and process performance, laboratory analysis and experimental analysis. Nothing better than actually trying things out and bringing vague concepts and ideas to life.

Problem Solving

A process not going as it should? A product not turning out properly? I can work with your team to help figure out what is going wrong.

Interim Management

Need a temporary (part time) replacement for an R&D manager in your team? I can help and ensure things stay moving.

Custom Course/Training Development

There are ample of ways to help your team learn personal skills. However, the options to learn the technical skills required for your food product can be limited. We can co-develop and give trainings to your team.

Translate Technical <-> Business Challenges

The language your business people speaks might not be the same as the language your technical experts use and vice versa. I can help be that bridge.

The proof is in the pudding

Food Science Blog

Experimentation and extensive understanding are part of my DNA. I’ve built and maintained a successful website dedicated to the science of food. The blog is geared towards both home cooks as well as individuals working in the food industry. However, the thorough analysis and research apply to the work I can do for your business.

Our Online Courses

For several years we’ve been offering (free & paid) courses through our dedicated course platform. These courses have helped hundreds of people become familiar with the world of food science in an easy-to-follow and interactive manner. When building courses with and for your team we take along our learnings of the past several years.

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Located in

Eindhoven Area, the Netherlands


Hi, I’m Annelie

Owner & Founder of

I’m the owner and founder of, a website dedicated to making food science accessible for all. Also, I have extensive experience working in research and development (R&D) within the food industry. Over time I noticed how technical resources can be quite limited for small to medium-sized businesses. You might be too small to in-source these capabilities and external resources can be prohibitively expensive. It’s where I love to help!
There’s nothing that excites me more than learning something new and helping others out.